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emerging adulthood

Launching from Adolescence into Emerging Adulthood

Recent research suggests that teens no longer go straight into adulthood when they graduate from high school, but rather enter a transitional period known as emerging adulthood, where they are given the responsibilities of adults without having developed the skills to thrive independently. Emerging adulthood extends until your mid-twenties and is marked by deeper identity exploration and discovery. It is becoming more common for young adults to try multiple career paths and have multiple romantic relationships before settling into adult roles that they used to assume at younger ages. This can feel overwhelming without clear goals and guidance and can lead to the “failure to launch” phenomenon. However, failure to launch is not a barrier to future success. 

What Makes You An Adult?

As social roles have changed, milestones that once marked adulthood are no longer reliable. Earning a salary, buying a house, getting married, and having kids often happen after you’ve become an adult. But they don’t make you an adult. With proper support and adequate structure, many struggling young adults can learn skills and thrive in this stage of their development. Becoming an adult is all about the learning curve: accepting responsibility for your actions, owning your experiences and your emotions, and making independent decisions about your future. 

What if I’m not ready for that either?

That’s okay, too. Young adulthood is all about training wheels. You are not expected to do this on your own. While the stress of adolescence decreases through your teens, young adulthood is marked by another series of major life transitions. Hopelessness, anxiety, and frustration are part of the process. When they are overwhelming, that is not a reflection of your potential. You are still in the process of becoming.

At Red Mountain Sedona, we focus on skill building.

Healthy living skills. Our program is rooted in mindful living practices, including meditation, yoga, hiking, and martial arts. We emphasize physical health through nutrition and exercise as a way to promote positive well-being. 

Practical life skills. We prepare our students for living independently by teaching them about budgeting, cooking, and cleaning.

School skills. Many of our students have had trouble with school in the past. We take an individualized approach to education and believe that students can accomplish their academic goals with adequate support and motivation. We offer help for high school students, graduates, and college students in managing coursework, understanding material in more accessible ways, and time management. 

Work skills. Each student works closely with their case manager to learn how to get a job in the community, keep it, and enjoy doing it. We offer career counseling, vocational training, and resume building, and we teach students skills to manage conflict and self-defeating thoughts that arise in work environments. 

Red Mountain Sedona Can Help 

Red Mountain Sedona is a transitional program for young adults ages 18 to 25. RMS is a transitional program designed to help individuals with behavioral and/or emotional challenges “launch” into fulfilling and productive adult lives. This program provides a safe environment where our students can let their guard down in order to experience true healing. This environment allows them to learn the benefits of being themselves and gain strength to change.

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