School Success

    School Success

    Many of our students come to us with a history of academic struggles including school avoidance, underachievement, low motivation and learning differences. Any of these factors can have a huge impact on mood and self-esteem, and can lead to a belief that higher education is unattainable. Additionally, some students enroll in our program with high school credits left to complete, which can also feel like a daunting task. 

    At Red Mountain Sedona, we are thrilled to offer our students expert help in the following areas:

    College applications

    Managing coursework

    One-on-one tutoring

    Time management

    Understanding syllabi and planning assignments

    SAT prep

    ACT prep

    GED prep


    High School completion

    College Credit Included 

    For students who have completed high school and wish to attend college, our daily fees include up to six credit-hours of regular program tuition at Yavapai College – Verde Valley. YCVV has six separate schools of study that offer degrees and/or certificates in areas ranging from Arts and Humanities to Science and Engineering. Students can study Film & Media Arts, Computer Programming, Business, Nursing, or even learn a trade. This can all be done in an environment that supports their course completion without the distraction or risk that might be associated with a large university. 

    We provide our students with transportation to class, computer access, and all the tools and support they need to excel in traditional and/or online educational settings.

    We also provide a united front across the spectrum of our academic, residential, and clinical teams, addressing the issues that have held our students back in the past and supporting them in new approaches to school that translates into real success.

    College Graduation 

    After graduating from the Red Mountain program, our alumni have continued to engage in studies at Yavapai College and at the following institutions across the country :

    Arizona State University
    Boston University
    Brigham Young University
    Coconino Community College
    George Mason University
    Naropa University
    Northern Arizona University
    Prescott College
    Rider University
    Sarah Lawrence College
    Savannah College of Art and Design
    Smith College
    University of Arizona
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    University of Idaho
    University of North Carolina
    Williams College

    “I just wanted our son to pass a college class. Just one. He barely got through high school, and totally failed in his past attempts at college. I mean, it wasn’t even close. He couldn’t get himself to class, couldn’t understand the syllabus, and couldn’t organize his thoughts.” Parent of a Graduate

    Our students are often surprised at what they can accomplish in school with adequate support and motivation. We will do whatever is needed to help them succeed in school and take the next steps in their education.

    “The fact that he not only passed, but pulled B’s in not one, but two classes, while at Red Mountain is extraordinary. Now, after Red Mountain, he’s a full-time student, and even earned a scholarship. I could not be happier.” Parent of a Graduate

    High School Completion

    Completing high school while at a young adult transition program can provide an excellent opportunity for students to reach this important milestone while also gaining other necessary life skills simultaneously. At this age, returning to a traditional high school setting may feel like a step backward and depending on how many credits a student has left to finish, it can take quite a while. For others, returning to their “home school” may not be clinically recommended.  At Red Mountain, our high school students have several options for attaining their diploma including finishing their credits through their previous school district, completing an online high school program through the University of Nebraska or through Brigham Young University or by attaining their GED locally at Yavapai College—Verde Valley. 

    Academic Advisement 

    In addition to receiving individual coaching and support from their Case Manager, students can also work with our master’s-level Academic Advisor, Ken Buxton. With over 20 years of experience working academically in therapeutic settings, he has great success helping students navigate the college application process, credit transfers as well as helping students learn to identify and access supports within their school system, a skill that is needed even after they leave Red Mountain.

    School Success

    Red Mountain Sedona is a premier young adult transition program, built on the shoulders of some of the most experienced and well-respected individuals in the field of young adult treatment. Most of our core staff has worked together for years, in some cases for decades, and collectively our team possesses over 150 years of professional clinical experience.