Who We Are

    Red Mountain Sedona is a transitional program designed to help young adults with behavioral and/or emotional challenges “launch” into fulfilling and productive adult lives.

    What We Do

    We train the mind, body and spirit using various forms of meditation and mindfulness, martial arts, Yoga, life skills, vigorous physical activity, and individual and group therapy.

    Our Student

    We work with young men and women ages 18 and up who have struggled to gain traction in life. Along the way they gain important life skills and change from the inside out.


    Through the simple act of noticing – becoming mindful of patterns in thought and behavior our clients learn to effectively and sustainably make better choices.

    What I feel about Red Mountain is you come in a patient, and leave a person. What I mean by that is that you go from being dependent on others to being

    While at Red Mountain Sedona, I was able to realize a lot of the potential I have, while also challenging myself in ways I didn’t think I could be challenged. Today I am enrolled in college…

    We guide our clients to learn, heal, and grow in a supportive, structured, and caring environment helping them to achieve their full potential.

    We believe that the wounds and mistakes of the past can be transformed into powerful and supportive energy that can help you build the life you choose for yourself.


    Promotes physical health, reduced stress, and a sense of inner peace.

    Martial Arts

    A blend of several arts that focus on harmony, well-being, and spiritual peace..


    Promotes physical health, reduced stress, and a sense of inner peace.

    Life Skills

    The skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing and technical world.

    Adventure & Recreation

    Adventure activities that promote interpersonal, social and psychological wellness and change.


    A key part of feeding the “addict brain” and staying sober.

    Addiction can be viewed as an exile from one’s self. Healing begins when one returns. What a gift Josh is for those young adults looking to return from exile; to community, to one’s own body and mind and spirit. Over the years that I have known Josh White, he is skilled in holding the space, creating the container from which transformation can take place.

    Glenn F. – Red Mountain Sedona Client

    Mindfulness and Recovery

    Many struggling young adults have difficult in controlling their anxiety and depression. This lack of mental peace, taken over by adult depression and adult anxiety…

    Food And Healing

    Addiction, depression, and anxiety over prolonged periods of time can cause damage to our bodies. Some examples would include gastrointestinal problems…

    How we use Yoga

    Red Mountain Sedona is a therapeutic healing program that provides a range of professional clinical services to teens. The adolescents who use our services are …

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