About Red Mountain Sedona

Our mindfulness-based, clinically sophisticated program helps struggling young adults discover their inherent goodness and overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from launching into a healthy and productive life. 

In a “real world” setting, the Red Mountain Sedona program offers access to excellent clinical services, as well as a daily meditation program, life skills training, nutritional coaching, group therapy, hiking, martial arts, yoga, physical fitness, case management, and academic support.

Situated between the lower desert in Phoenix and the Ponderosa Pine forests in Flagstaff, the famous Red Rock Wilderness of Sedona is a perfect place to embark on a journey of healing. 

Our professional team includes nine Master’s Level clinicians, three sanctioned meditation instructors, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, three case managers, two martial arts instructors, two yoga teachers and over 20 experienced, professional program mentors who provide 24/7 support. Our students are gently guided by our highly seasoned staff away from destructive patterns and choices toward productive, healthy patterns and choices.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help young adults overcome emotional and behavioral challenges in order to launch themselves successfully into a productive and happy adulthood.

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is the “backbone” of the Red Mountain program. While we engage in many practicalities such as teaching our students life skills, helping them achieve financial independence, and recovering from emotional issues, all of these activities take place in the space created by mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is an ancient practice which achieves cutting-edge results. Through the simple act of noticing – becoming mindful of habitual thoughts and patterns – students learn to interrupt their self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior, and re-wire the brain to pause before acting and make better choices. 

This is achieved through seated meditation; moving meditations such as martial arts, Yoga, hiking and other adventures; and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Our students often “catch” themselves before engaging in a non-working behavior, and are able to make healthier choices due to the power of mindfulness.

The Goal

Our graduates embody accountability, dignity, open-mindedness, curiosity, serenity, and strength of character. They are strong in their recovery from the issues that brought them into treatment, respectful of themselves and others, self-confident, generous, and engaged. They have established goals and are clear on how to reach them, are strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit, have healed their interpersonal relationships, and are engaged in positive activities and choices on a daily basis.

What Makes Us Different

Our program is intentionally built to provide opportunities that can be used as learning experiences to set our students up to be prepared for life after treatment.  We want them to have the opportunity to make mistakes, take accountability, learn from their mistakes, and make better choices.  Our mindfulness principles gleaned over decades of study and teaching our founders engaged in during their own healing journeys sets us apart from other transitional programs.  

The most significant by-product of our mindfulness-based approach is the way our students change from the inside out. Our students graduate ready to live life on life’s terms, and ready to create a vision and manifest that vision for their lives.  Through their experiences here, they’ve learned to manage increasing freedom, trust, community connection, and responsibility. Students leave our programs confident in their abilities and ready to live their best possible life.  

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