Independent Living

At Red Mountain Sedona, we provide our students with independent housing in a community-focused setting. Our students live in 2 bedroom apartments owned by our program. The apartments are adjacent to our offices, making it easy to get extra support when needed. Students have their own room and share a bathroom. This emphasis on privacy and trust helps students learn to live independently in preparation for their lives after treatment.

Only students live in the apartments, providing opportunities for young adults to connect with others going through similar situations and move freely between apartments, sharing meals or having a movie night. Here, students can build positive connections and healthy relationships among their peers.

The “Clubhouse” is a common area next to the apartments that students can enjoy together. The Clubhouse features a coffee bar, music studio, art space, ping-pong table, foosball table, video game console, 50-gallon fish tank, and numerous indoor and outdoor “hangout” spaces.