Student Profile

A Guiding Path to Positive Change

A shared experience among all Red Mountain students is their aspiration to achieve their life goals, even if they haven’t yet realized them. Whether due to trauma, mental health struggles, or acting out in some way, all of our students have deviated from their intended path and/or struggled to establish a clear path to get where they want to go in life. We help 18-28 year olds develop a clear vision and figure out how to execute it, while also resolving whatever issues are getting in the way of their goals. 

We excel at treating:

  • Trauma
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Substance Use
  • ADHD

Our students typically experience either one of the above issues or multiple co-occurring challenges. Students do not have to experience all of them or any one of them to thrive at Red Mountain, but these are the five challenges we’re best known for helping our students overcome. 

We also have a high degree of competency with:

  • Relationship and Attachment Issues
  • Eating and Body Image Issues (No Active Eating Disorders)
  • Executive Functioning Deficits 
  • Identity Issues 
  • High-Functioning Autism
  • Academic Issues

Not every Red Mountain student faces all of these challenges, but we have a proven record of success in addressing each of them individually and in various combinations.

A certain level of willingness to accept assistance is valuable among our students. While enthusiasm for Red Mountain varies among them, a considerable number of students enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to grow. Our students frequently possess a unique mix of artistic sensibility, intelligence, introversion, social anxiety, sensitivity, and a sense of not fully fitting in. Our expertise lies in nurturing their confidence (indeed, confidence is a core value here) and cultivating a profound sense of belonging. Through the practice of esteemed actions, self-esteem flourishes, allowing our students to both feel their best and be their best – a reciprocal journey.

We are not the best fit for someone who:

  • Has Active Psychosis
  • Is Violent
  • Has an FSIQ Lower Than 90
  • Is Oppositional Defiant
  • Has an Active Eating Disorder
  • Does Not Wish to Change Anything 
  • Is Unable or Unwilling to Be Sober While in Treatment 

Because we are a trauma-informed, collaborative environment working exclusively with young adults who are seeking a change, our comprehensive and selective admissions process ensures that individuals best suited for the Red Mountain experience join our community.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Red Mountain can support your journey toward positive change, we invite you to reach out to our Admissions Office today.