Alumni Monitoring Program

Though our program has been expertly designed to guide students toward independence by the time they graduate from Red Mountain, we also acknowledge the need for ongoing therapeutic and recreational support, and for some, sobriety support. Students who remain in the area post-graduation can enroll in the Alumni Monitoring Program for a few months, or until they have secured continuation of services (e.g. individual therapy and psychiatry) outside of our program.

Alumni Monitoring Program includes: 

  • Weekly Individual Therapy 
  • Weekly Alumni Support Group 
  • Bi-weekly Family Therapy
  • Sobriety Monitoring 
  • Tutoring 
  • Access to Red Mountain Groups and Facilities 

These services allow for a safe and gradual transition out of our program while allowing students to continue fostering the bonds they have created within our program. Though students are living in their own housing, they are still able to engage in many of the aspects of our program including weekly adventures and recreational experiences.

“The most important contribution RMS made for me was this: I was respected there, not marginalized in any way. They honored how I showed up in the world and the way I was approaching life. Basically, I was treated like an adult.