Wellness Coordinator – CNA/MA

Full Time

The Wellness Office staff will help maintain a safe environment for both students and staff.

Duties as follows but not limited to:

  • Medication Dispensing on a daily basis
  • Perform daily Urinalysis and Daily Breathalyzer testing, recording results in client charts
  • Communicating with doctor’s office and pharmacy all insurance information for client
  • Communicating with family any item information regarding client visits to the doctor in respect to financial, follow up treatment, or special services
  • Daily review of medication book, recording any new medications and deleting old.
  • Review to assure the client is taking medication as directed, reporting to the clinician if not.
  • Transport clients as necessary to medical appointments or ER or Urgent Care when necessary.

Experience and Skills:

  • Experience working in a doctor’s office, or medical related field, CNA/MA.
  • Knowledge of medication usage and medical language necessary.
  • Ability to read and understand physician orders.
  • Experience along with a knowledge of substance abuse and clinical issues for young adults in a treatment setting is preferred.
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple departments and to clearly communicate clients’ medical needs in both written and verbal form.
  • Strong organization skills with the ability to work in a self-directed environment.
  • Ability to connect with clients while holding impeccable boundaries.
  • Experience and competency in computer usage is a must. Ability to navigate computer programs, smart phone, internet search engines. Familiarity with Gmail is preferred.
This position will either be 1st shift (8-4) or 2nd shift(2-10)
To Apply Contact: Mary Mugrage
Email resume to: 


Full Time

Applicants should be familiar with Mindfulness-based practices, have strong clinical and diagnostic skills and experience treating young adults with a variety of mental health issues including trauma, anxiety, substance use, and eating disorders.

To be successful at Red Mountain it is important that applicants have a desire to work in an environment that is collaborative and dynamic and one where clients and families have highly individualized treatment plans. Additionally, experience working with diverse groups including the LGTBQ+ community is essential for therapists working at Red Mountain Sedona.

The position requires therapists to counsel clients individually, with family, and in client groups. Implement therapeutic treatment plans in a residential setting in compliance with state, federal, agency, and all other applicable rules and regulations. Be part of an On-Call rotation.

Qualified candidates must have an advanced degree in behavioral healthcare field and related experience. Masters in Psychology or related field.

To Apply Contact: Mary Mugrage

Life Skills Mentor

We have immediate need for On Call, Part Time, Full Time Life Skills Mentors.
Available for evenings, weekends and overnights. Shift differential available for Overnight.

Due to the immediate need to fill these positions, out of state candidates cannot be considered at this time, however; are welcome to apply once local to the area.

Life Skills Mentors foster positive relationships with students to model and create a safe, welcoming environment.
Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Provide emotional support to students and reinforce their treatment goals
  • Assist students in developing daily living skills such as personal hygiene, healthy eating habits, sleep hygiene, and medication management.
  • Transport students about the community, keeping track of their whereabouts and ensuring their safety. Possibly up to 4 hours of driving depending on the shift.
  • Facilitating various groups such as 12 step, Refuge Recovery, Art, etc.
  • Taking students on adventure outings including hikes, movies, sports events, etc.
  • Supporting students in maintaining a clean living environment and healthy relationships with roommates and peers
  • Role modeling healthy behavior, maintaining impeccable boundaries

Candidates must be over the age of 21

To Apply Contact: Mary Mugrage