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Failure to Launch Syndrome: An American Epidemic

Failure to Launch Syndrome

America has a failure to launch problem. Strike that. America has an epidemic failure to launch problem. Coming into 2017, Millions of millennials (ages 18-29) are unsuccessful in their attempts at leaving “the nest” after high school. Instead, these millions of unmotivated, discouraged young adult men and women opt to stay with mom and dad, leaving their frustrated and worried parents to ask: “Will my young adult child ever grow up and live like an adult?”

Financially and emotionally draining, failure to launch young adult children(FTLs) are quite the burden for their parents. These young men and women lack the skills they need to live an independent lifestyle, while demanding the same type of attention and support a teenage child would require. Rather than take life by the horns and build a fulfilling life for themselves, these FTLs choose to live with and treat their parents as if they were still mom and dad’s little boy or girl in grade school.

Incapable of providing for themselves, FTL children have more in common with high school and middle schoolers than they do with functioning, independent adults. To put it frankly, if young adult failures to launch want to live up to their potential and avoid a life less lived, these wayward sons and daughters are in need of a wake-up call.

Understanding Why Young Adults Fail to Leave the Home

As to the underlying issues that are to blame for America’s failure to launch epidemic, the reasons vary. However, according to Psychologist Jeffery S. Smith, it boils down to one simple factor: “Today’s young adults are afraid of pain and stress.” In other words, these wayward young adult children do not fail at adapting to adulthood because they are incapable.

Despite cultural stereotypes, most FTLs are just as capable and brilliant as previous generations before them. However, these young men and women’s failed transition into adulthood can be (generally speaking) blamed on depression, social anxiety, substance abuse and/or the enabling behavior of their rescuing parents.

While their parent’s simply want to prevent them from experiencing the pain and hardships of life, failure to launch children fail to live independently from mom and dad because they struggle at overcoming life-ensuing discomfort of any kind.

According to Dr. Smith, young adults view discomfort as poisonous, which limits them to living within a narrow comfort zone. Moreover, these parents have enabled their adult children by overprotecting them from the difficulties that are inherent to living an independent, functional, adult-lifestyle.

The Wake-up Call for Failures to Launch

If you are the parent of a young man or woman who has failed to launch, there are many treatment options to consider. Facilities such as transitional programs, independent living facilities, and life-skill development programs are designed to assist young men and women with adapting to an adult lifestyle.

Red Mountain Sedona is among one of the top choices in young adult residential treatment. Their professional and clinically certified staff are expert in providing therapeutic support, and guidance failure of launch children who desperately need to regain their foothold in life. For immediate assistance, please call 855-998-5272.