Transitional Living Program for Young Adults

Red Mountain Sedona is a leading Transitional Living Program for Young Adults, offering professional clinical services and a healthy living environment. Red Mountain Sedona provides a range of services to assist young adults as they launch into a healthy lifestyle that is more enjoyable and peaceful than a life of compulsive behavior and internal strife.

Although Red Mountain Sedona may be located outside of your local area, we work with young adults from across the country. Our students range in age from 18 to 28 years old , and we are a gender-inclusive program that is designed to assist young people in meeting the demands of today’s adult world.

It’s important for parents to understand that sending their young adult to an out-of-state transitional living program for struggling young adults will often yield the best results. because they are away from the environment that may have caused difficulties in the past. While here, our students are involved with the discovery and exploration of transformational meditation techniques martial arts, yoga, and 12-step recovery skills. This learning, coupled with psychotherapy and our comprehensive transitional living training creates an ideal environment for rehabilitation and enduring success.

Call Red Mountain Sedona today at (855) 998-5272. The decision to enter an aftercare treatment program is paramount, and will affect the life of you and your loved one.

Transitional Living

The mission of Red Mountain Sedona is to guide and assist young adults in the process of healing from grief, loss, past trauma, and challenges caused by poor decision-making. Once our student’s issues are identified, we support not only the rebuilding of the essential relationships with family and loved ones, but also with themselves.

RMS picks up where primary treatment leaves off. We help our students start the transition from emotional distress and addictive behavior to substantial and continuing recovery. We stand by our motto: “Heal the past, love the present, and create your future”. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that a mindful, healthy life is more appealing and enjoyable than one of compulsive behavior and instability.

For those young adults who have successfully completed a primary addiction treatment facility, it is tempting to suppose that their obstacles are behind them. Getting initial treatment is a great achievement, but is absolutely not the end of the journey.

In observing the challenges faced by the “millennial” generation, experts in the mental health field refer to many of these young adults as “avoiders”, because of their avoidant behavior. Also referred to as “failure to launch” syndrome, these young adults “reach a certain point in their lives where the ambition and drive to learn and survive independently is forgotten.”

It is sad fact that nearly 50 percent of those who complete a treatment program will eventually relapse. The first 60 days after discharge from a rehab facility have proven to have the highest risk and for the subsequent five years of the recovery period, this risk remains abnormally high.

Experts, professionals, and those in recovery would all acknowledge that the real task begins following the initial treatment period. For this reason, it is generally accepted that some “aftercare” is needed, especially within the first few years of rehabilitation. The good news is that relapse is preventable.

The Red Mountain Sedona Transitional Living Program provides counseling, support groups, and life skills training. These services provide an additional level of accountability, thus preventing individuals from reverting to old, destructive habits of addiction and substance abuse.

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