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Not many of us trip and fall over the dining table.
We trip on the little obstacles that we didn’t see. We worry and plan for the big things. We celebrate the big things. We have learned to ignore the little things. Our bad habits, addictions, whatever, depend on us not paying attention to the little things.

In the process of recovering health, the practice of mindfulness meditation is essential. Through meditation we train our minds to notice the little things. We begin to notice our thought patterns and habits of mind. We find space and ease. We aren’t thrown off by our own reactions/worries/fears any longer. We develop a sense of inner stability and strength.

At Red Mountain Sedona, we use these tools, and many others, to help people discover their own sense of strength and stability. It’s our great joy to assist and witness our students movement into health and joy.

-Josh White, Founder / Executive Director