At Red Mountain, our philosophy is to work hard, and to play hard. We understand that our students need to balance the often difficult, life-changing work they are doing with healthy fun.  Without fun, a healthy life full of healing and recovery from our past difficulties is not sustainable. As we like to say, you should take your therapeutic work seriously, but also learn not to take yourself too seriously!
To that end, we regularly engage in the following activities:
  • Adventures including skiing, snowboarding, laser tag, paintball, go-carts, water park, tubing, kayaking, hikes, rock climbing, and other activities as requested by our students.
  • Concerts (we have recently been to see Tame Impala, Still Woozy, Guns n’ Roses, Metallica and the Rolling Stones).
  • Movies (Sedona has a movie theater and students who wish to can attend movies at least once per week).
  • Gym, trail runs, bike rides, dance, kickboxing, and other fun exercise activities.
  • On-site basketball and skateboarding, and access to a full skate park and indoor basketball court.
  • Basketball and softball leagues.
  • Ping-pong and Nintendo Switch are both freely available to students at our “clubhouse” (the social area connected to our office space).   Tournaments and other shenanigans often ensue!
  • Music lessons are available and we have a full music room complete with drums, piano, basses, guitars, ukuleles, and any other instruments our students request!   Not a day goes by that music does not emanate joyfully from the clubhouse and apartments.
  • We are committed to providing the kind of fun activities YOU want to do and are always open to suggestions.  As long as it’s safe and legal, you can probably do it at Red Mountain!