LGBTQ+ Support At Red Mountain

The Red Mountain Approach

Red Mountain Programs have a commitment to creating an emotionally and physically safe environment for all our students. While many of our students do not identify as LGBTQ+, a significant portion do, and we are known as a leader in being LGBTQ+ supportive in all our services.

To this end, all staff are trained upon hire and on an ongoing basis with regard to the latest methodologies to be LGBTQ+ supportive.

Many programs state they are “LGBTQ+ affirming.” We go above and beyond being affirming and instead seek to be actively supportive.

What’s the difference? Affirmation is necessary but not sufficient. Being affirming can be a declaration of support but it is not always a method of action.

Being supportive is ongoing and it can include helping to build and explore identity, helping the student be prepared to answer difficult questions, gaining a greater understanding of the coming out process and variations of it, supporting social transition, and being aware of our own narratives. The best way we can strive to accomplish this as a team is by coming from a place of curiosity and seeking to understand the individual.

This commitment to creating a safe environment for our students and for each other permeates everything we do. This is one of the many ways we strive to provide the highest quality of service to our students on a consistent basis.

LGBTQ+ Support At Red Mountain Sedona