Red Mountain Sedona (RMS) is an Independent Living Skills Program for Young Adults that offers professional clinical services as part of a transition to living on one’s own. For a variety of reasons, many young people find themselves at a loss as to how to create a successful future for themselves. Parents may also despair at how to help their young adult children overcome the societal expectations that have become such a huge struggle. The entire family may experience overwhelming feelings of frustration and futility.

Independent living skills are necessary for young adults to move forward successfully in life—and our program here at Red Mountain is created to help them do just that. Developed with the principles of meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual healing, Red Mountain Sedona is a place of beauty and security for struggling young people who need a helping hand and guidance to a better life.

Our program serves emerging adults, ages 18 to 28, who are having problems managing the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Red Mountain’s program and the highly skilled leaders who work here help to promote change with each student through developing job skills,learning to live independently, therapeutic assistance, and aftercare treatment. Our ideals are spiritual and emotional wellness through a structured, stable, and safe environment that promotes positive living and changes.

Although Red Mountain Sedona may be located outside the area where you live, you should know that we accepts students from all over the country. Please call our family advocates at (855) 998-5272 to discover how we can help!

Independent Living Center

Young adults needing guidance on how to create a positive future will find an independent living center such as Red Mountain Sedona the ideal place to be. Nestled in the stunning landscape of central Arizona, our program provides much more than a place to live—we provide a community in which to grow and learn, all with the right amount of confident support.

Our goal is to assist and coach each student to learn new coping skills, acquire confidence in their abilities, and take responsibility for their own actions—all in order to help them successfully move down the path of adulthood. At Red Mountain Sedona, we believe each young adult is capable of doing so much more—of bettering themselves, and positively influencing others.

Each of our students identifies their goals and works toward them with the support of our Master’s-Level Therapists. They use our calming methods such as meditation therapy, martial arts, yoga, nutritional guidance, and other health-promoting standards to achieve this new level of capability.

Here at Red Mountain, we know that a wholesome and positive lifestyle will not only encourage each young adult to be their best selves but also to develop healthy habits that will carry them into the future.

Independent Living Program

Recovery is a long journey and sometimes, even after the biggest battles have been won, it takes a little help to remember where you have come from.

It can be easy for young adults, once they go home, to fall back into patterns that brought them into their unhealthy choices originally. Of course, they want to remain successful and stay with their treatment plan. This is challenging, most especially when returning to the same atmosphere, and this is where Red Mountain Sedona comes into play. Our independent living program for young adults is a safe place for that transition to occur.

Red Mountain offers the opportunity to relearn independent living skills, and to foster positive growth and change. Each individual will have different needs, depending on their goals and their history. Students can further their education, learn job skills, and prepare to live independently and productively. As an “aftercare” program, we help young adults with all of these important steps to success.

Red Mountain Sedona places a strong focus on ancient, but proven, tools of growth, such as yoga, meditation, and martial arts, while incorporating the most modern therapeutic techniques into a treatment plan. We invite you to call our knowledgeable advocates today to learn how Red Mountain Sedona can help achieve a lifetime of happiness. Our number is (855) 998-5272. Call today!

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