Taylor Mitchell
Case Manager

As a proud graduate of Red Mountain, Taylor brings profound understanding and unwavering dedication to the program’s mission. Taylor’s journey at Red Mountain began as a Life Skills Mentor, where she refined her skills in guiding clients to discover and align with the core principles of the program.

In her role as Case Manager, Taylor continues to nurture her passion for facilitating clients’ growth. She is committed to helping clients develop essential life skills while embarking on their transformative journeys. Taylor firmly believes in the power of the Red Mountain approach to foster mindfulness, safety, confidence, compassion, and personal growth.

Beyond her professional life, Taylor finds joy in various pursuits. She shares her life with her Belgian Laekenois, Ginger, and enjoys engaging in obedience and protection work together. Taylor’s active lifestyle extends to running, tending to her garden, participating in sports, and riding her horse, Carero, when she visits her family on the East Coast.