Susan Adams, Advanced Certified Trainer
Neurofeedback Facilitator

After studying at the University of California at San Diego’s Pre-Health track, Susan began a career in television becoming the world’s leading producer/writer of medical programing. She wrote and produced a daily news show on health, science and technology, The Cable Health World Report, which spearheaded the use of media and technology to promote public health. She also produced continuing education programming for doctors and nurses at the Hospital Satellite Network. Her magnum opus was The Cancer Summit, the first collaborative live production between the former Soviet Union and the United States, featured leading oncologists from both sides of the Iron Curtain.

At age 38, Susan began her personal recovery journey. In 1994 she moved to Prescott, AZ and since then has been privileged to work with hundreds of young people in recovery. For 12 years she led recovery meetings for women in the Yavapai County Jail and in 2010, she co-founded Treehouse Learning Community, a small residential and study support program for young people returning to college.

Susan struggled for years with attachment disorder and PTSD despite her seemingly successful life. After years of therapy, workshops, retreats, and recovery, she was still suffering from crippling anxiety and depression. In 2009 she discovered NeurOptimal and was amazed at how, seemingly miraculously, it resolved her symptoms. In gratitude, she switched careers and has been following her calling to provide neurofeedback ever since.

Susan is well-loved at Red Mountain for her kind spirit, welcoming demeanor, and positive attitude. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, mentoring others on a healing path, meditation, live music, and time with her family and friends.