Ryan McGinty, MS
Associate Executive Director 

Ryan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Human Behavior from Northern Arizona University. He just completed his Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University, with a special focus on mindfulness-based therapies.

A trained EMT, Ryan has worked in the behavioral health field since 2010 in a variety of roles and settings. Prior to joining Red Mountain Sedona, he worked for a local community mental health organization as Operations Manager over Mobile Crisis Services and Residential Programs. He has also served as Program Director at a Collegiate Recovery organization for young adults, as well as Assistant Program Director for a large residential treatment facility in San Francisco, CA.

Personal experience with recovery drew Ryan to the helping profession, and he wishes for nothing more than to give what was so freely and compassionately given to him. Having gotten sober at the age of 22, Ryan knows the unique struggles and joys of being a young adult in recovery, and is passionate about helping young adults navigate their goals.  As Ryan likes to say, “Recovery has got to be individualized, inspiring and enjoyable, otherwise young people will not be attracted or stay engaged.”

The loves of Ryan’s life are his wife Angela and their two children.  When not at work, Ryan would prefer to be hiking or travelling with his family, in the ocean on a surfboard, or with friends in a meditation retreat.