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At Red Mountain Sedona (RMS), we treat the body, mind, and spirit holistically in order to relieve stress and improve overall quality of life. Stress is closely tied to illnesses, which is why we incorporate yoga into the treatment plan of our students. Yoga is an ancient practice that has long been seen as a key component of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It promotes physical health, reduces stress, and supports a sense of inner peace.

Yoga and meditation are the foundation of our mindfulness program at Red Mountain Sedona. The movement of yoga allows our students to bring awareness to their bodies, and to make better friends with their physical selves. Yoga simultaneously helps us to accept, expand on, and exceed our limitations, which is a crucial aspect of inner healing.

Four times each week, our trauma-certified yoga teacher, Tera Klymenko leads our students in 90-minute sessions designed to increase body awareness, improve breathing techniques, stretch and strengthen muscles, and enhance spiritual journeys. When the body, mind, and spirit align through practices like yoga, these components of one’s being work synergistically to improve the overall life experience of our students.

From their yoga practice, students have reported an increase in confidence, balance, and peace, with better self-discipline and a decrease in impulsivity. They have a greater sense of inner peace, and even improved sleep quality, which in itself is essential to healing.

Like T’ai Chi, yoga allows our students to put into motion the awareness to develop their meditation practices. Over time, they can extrapolate this accomplishment to greater mindfulness in all areas of their lives.

As Tera puts it, “For many of us, the key to inner healing lies within our own body. In yoga we learn to arrive in the present moment; mind begins to follow breath, the body is allowed to release held tension and trauma, and the path to healing presents itself.

“Yoga is an opportunity to examine and transform our deepest self. As we step onto the path of healing through yoga and mindful practices, we see science confirming on a daily basis our own personal power to change systems in the brain, creating balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Establishing balance for ourselves on our yoga mat translates to creating harmony for ourselves in every aspect of our lives.”

Yoga represents another way in which RMS looks beyond traditional treatments, as we continue to ask ourselves, “What will help our students achieve optimal health?”