Individual Therapy at Red Mountain Sedona

When students arrive at Red Mountain Sedona (RMS), they are paired with a therapist, with whom they will meet each week to work on the problems that brought them to Red Mountain.

Typically, these meetings occur for one hour once per week, but often students have more than one session per week if they need it. Also, our therapists typically interact with their students in a more informal fashion on a daily basis. This matrix of daily “pep talks” combined with intensive therapy is very potent and powerful.

The therapists at Red Mountain are also on-site all week, so if a students needs guidance outside of their regularly scheduled sessions, we are able to accommodate them. We understand that sometimes a situation requires an urgent response, so there is always someone available to attend to our students’ needs.

Our highly skilled therapists have experience working with a number of clinical issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, process addictions (such as gambling, pornography, or the Internet), and failure to launch. Individual therapy plays an important role in our students’ treatment plans; having someone with whom they can discuss, in confidence, concerns they might not ordinarily divulge to another person is a powerful tool.

Everyone has secrets, stressors, or concerns that bother them, and most of us tend to keep these matters to ourselves. Stuffing these issues takes up a lot of psychic energy. The more we suppress, the less we deal with whatever is challenging us, and eventually the pressure builds up. Either an unexpected outburst will occur or chronic mental health symptoms will ensue. Our therapists are trained to establish trust with students, so that they feel comfortable enough to speak whatever is on their minds, thus avoiding the negative outcomes associated with repression.

Red Mountain’s owners / operators are also seasoned clinicians with decades of experience in the field, and we hold our clinical staff to a very high clinical standard.

We successfully completed the rigorous process required for licensure by the State of Arizona’s Department of Health Services Bureau of Medical Facilities Licensing. We are also members of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), the Young Adult Treatment Association (YATA), and the Northern Arizona Treatment Alliance (NATA). As members of these prestigious organizations, we must meet some of the highest clinical standards in the county.

The administrators of Red Mountain think about the kind of clinical services we would want for our own children, and provide support that meets or even exceeds those criteria. Our clinical team provides an unparalleled “wraparound” for our students, with eight experienced clinicians having eyes and ears on our students throughout the week.

Each and every day, the founders are on-site, supervising the Clinical Supervisor, Director of Professional Services, clinicians and other staff to insure the quality of what we offer.

For many years, we have been concerned about the infrequent, or even complete lack of, individual therapy offered at some young adult continuing care programs. We have found that just because someone has been to primary treatment does not mean their therapeutic work is finished in many cases, it has just begun. We feel passionately that ongoing therapeutic work is a crucial aspect of successful “launch.”

In fact, as students move into the world with greater independence, many clinical issues will arise, and it is essential that our students have the proper therapeutic support. A community therapist isn’t enough; young adults need daily contact with their therapist to keep them “on track” as they emerge into responsible adult lives.

At Red Mountain, we pride ourselves on hiring the best in the field, and our counselors understand the importance of empathic listening, spiritual guidance, and emotional support. We employ six master’s-level clinical staff, as well as two doctoral-level licensed clinicians.

Our goal is the success of all who come through the Red Mountain program, and our vision is to provide the highest level clinical services of any aftercare program in the country. To facilitate this result, we have created an atmosphere of trust and clinical rigor that is second to none.

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Red Mountain Sedona is a premier young adult transition program, built on the shoulders of some of the most experienced and well-respected individuals in the field of young adult treatment. Most of our core staff has worked together for years, in some cases for decades, and collectively our team possesses over 150 years of professional clinical experience.