When Graduation Is Bittersweet

Graduating from Red Mountain marks a time of celebration for the student and his or her family. RMS challenges participants, because the program demands that they take full responsibility for themselves and their..

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Do You Suffer From Severe Anxiousness? | It’s Probably Due to Overthinking

Worrying, Anxiety, and Overthinking  Are you afflicted by the anxiety and anguish of constant worrying? Do you fret about the future and feel uncertain about how your life will play out? Are you a prisoner bound by the insecurities in your own mind? If so, try your best not to worry (pun ..

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Depression Vulnerability Factors and How to Avoid Them

Reasons Why Some of Us Are So Vulnerable to Depression Depression is a mental illness that refuses to discriminate. There isn’t a man, woman or child on this planet that isn’t susceptible to depression and whether we like to admit it or not, depression is a serious issue that could hit anyone ..

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Failure to Launch Syndrome: An American Epidemic

Failure to Launch Syndrome America has a failure to launch problem. Strike that. America has an epidemic failure to launch problem. Coming into 2017, Millions of millennials (ages 18-29) are unsuccessful in their attempts of leaving ‘the nest’ after high school. Instead, these millions of unmo..

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Scientist Proves Depression is Not a Choice by Locating its Physical Location Within the Brain

Scientists say they’ve identified the physical source of depression within the human brain Researchers have found the physical source of depression within the human brain. This scientific breakthrough serves as a huge win for the mental health community, who for decades, have tried to convince the ..

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Research Shows Those Who Suffer From Mental Illness Benefit From Owning A Pet

Why do Mentally Ill People Actively Choose to Suffer Alone? In a nutshell: Mentally ill people typically suffer from behavioral symptoms that can cause anti-social behavior. Unfortunately, these anti-social symptoms present a misconceived perception to others who consequently confuse their mental i..

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What is Yoga?

Red Mountain Sedona is a therapeutic healing program that provides a range of professional clinical services to teens. The adolescents who use our services are those who are experiencing a variety of issues, including addictions, academic failure, intellectual disabilities, and behavioral, mental or..

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