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    Values are an individual’s personal standards they choose to live by. By setting high personal values, an individual is able to live a life or productivity and abstain from negative behaviors. Core values such as, integrity, hard work, and diligence are all standards a productive and proactive person implements in their life. If a person fails to live by values, such as these, they are likely to develop negative habits and engage in self-destructing behaviors.

    Unfortunately, many young people possess a poor and underdeveloped value system. Young men and women, such as these, prioritize their values based on their personal interests, rather than focusing on important issues such as school or career goals. Many troubled young people put their efforts into things like friendships, having fun. Some troubled young people even put their efforts into self-destructive endeavors, such as acquiring harmful substances.

    A person’s values are tremendously crucial in living a successful, adult lifestyle. For that reason, it is imperative that those who live by a flawed system of value, to reprioritize their ambitions, and live by a higher set of standards.



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