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Dependent behavior

de.pen.dent be.hav.ior


Dependent behavior refers to a person’s need to depend on others or other things in order to function in day-to-living. Dependent behavior can describe a person struggling with drug addiction, as well as a person suffering from negative behaviors and relationships.

Dependent behavior can be very unhealthy and dangerous. A person’s constant need for other’s affection, acceptance or respect, can lead to self-destructive behaviors. Moreover, it is unhealthy for a person’s happiness to depend upon another person. It is important to for an individual to have a sense of independence and to be in charge of their lifestyle.

If left unchanged, dependent behavior can become more than a lifestyle choice and can consume a person’s life. Dependent behavior can lead to negative emotions and consequences, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Young men and women who struggle with dependent behaviors can find solace in therapeutic treatments, such as transitional programs.