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    Adversity is the daily hardships and trials that life brings. Adversity is a common obstacle that has the ability to change a person: for the better or worse. An individual has the choice, when meeting adversity, to overcome and grow stronger, or to be defeated and overwhelmed.

    Adversities are a part of life that every person encounters and must face. They are different for each person and vary in terms of severity. Adversity can coming the form of the loss of a loved, the loss of employment, to trivial mishaps like the loss of one’s car keys. Whatever the type or severity, adversity causes a setback for a person to manage. Although this notion sounds contrary, if focused the right way, adversity can be a person’s greatest tool in achieving personal strength.

    It is imperative for individuals who face some sort of adversity, to overcome that adversity and use it as a tool to gain strength and knowledge. Additionally, the more adversity one overcomes, the more efficient they will become in overcoming larger, and more severe adversities in the future.



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