You’re Trusting Your Child to Them

Our daughter had been in a wilderness program for 72 days when she graduated, and it was time to find a good aftercare program for her. We talked with her counselors and therapists and someone mentioned Red Mountain. I wanted to be sure because you are trusting your child to these programs and it’s important to get it right.

We hired a consultant to help us with the decision and made a lot of phone calls before settling on RMS. It wasn’t an easy decision because Sedona is pretty far away from home and the finances weren’t easy to manage, but after talking with Josh, we were convinced it was the right choice.

The therapy sessions were very helpful for her and being part of the community was a unique aspect of the program. The students interact with the local people, go skiing, and attendconcerts. It was a dose of reality after months in the wilderness. She is an athlete and used her gym membership quite a lot.

Today, our daughter is doing well and is back in college. She sees a sober coach once a week and is accountable for her actions.

As parents, we couldn’t be happier with the program. They did a phenomenal job and so did she.

I would recommend Red Mountain to other families if the student is truly committed to creating a better life for themselves. There is no place on Earth that is better for doing just that. It is a beautiful area, there is something for everybody there, and anyone can fit in. When you talk with Josh and Maureen, you know they are passionate and committed to what they are doing. Josh lives and breathes it and he lets you know your kid is in a safe place. We are very comfortable with the decision we made to send our daughter to Red Mountain.

– Parents