“We Were Impressed with their Flexibility”

Our son was enrolled in a program that didn’t work out, so we were looking for alternatives. He was impressed with Red Mountain (RMS) after speaking with one of their staff members. He reviewed the program and especially liked the idea of independent living, which was one of the main factors in his decision to enroll at RMS. 

Once he arrived there, he made a strong, trusting connection with his therapist, who was an excellent listener and a person who showed great empathy. He was very personal and human with our son, which is what made it work. Previous therapists in other settings had been more clinical, which was not a successful approach.

As parents, we found that the transition to RMS was smooth and well-organized. We went back and visited not long after he enrolled, but the pandemic prevented us from having any additional visits. Weekly calls with the therapist helped a lot after the lockdown took place.

At one point, our son unexpectedly needed to come home, which was outside the usual procedures for RMS, but they worked with us, and we were impressed with their flexibility. Before his return to RMS, we learned he would need to change his therapist. Because RMS communicated this change with empathy and compassion, our son transitioned well to the new therapist. Having a fresh perspective turned out for the best in his treatment. 

He chose to remain in Sedona after his graduation and enroll in online college classes. He plans to return to the university to complete his degree and plans to become a therapist.   We think it is great that he wants to help other people, just as he was helped at RMS.

Our advice to parents considering Red Mountain is to look carefully at what the program offers. Does it fit your child? Also, ask your kid what he or she thinks. If your son or daughter likes Red Mountain, trust them to make the decision. Sometimes, you have to let go and let your child find their way.

– Parents