We Were Able to Sleep at Night

We realized that our son needed much more than we were equipped to provide for him at home and that a change of scenery was necessary for his recovery. Red Mountain provided just the right environment: skilled clinicians, real-world experience, and a comforting level of supervision in a beautiful setting represented the winning combination for our family.

Our son was able to establish a great relationship with his therapist. She got to know him, earned his trust, and helped him to find peace, happiness, and confidence. But it was more than just one person; his entire support team was instrumental, and the bond he created with Josh and Maureen led to a transformational experience. It is also important to note that the students at RMS are truly integrated into the Sedona community. They work, take classes, and attend meetings outside of the program, which exposes them to real-life triggers that they can later process with their therapist and other specialists. The students do not simply exist in a bubble.

We were able to sleep at night knowing our son was in good hands. We were kept abreast of his journey through weekly calls with his therapist as well as a family counselor. These professionals helped us rethink some of our parenting styles to better support our son. We believe that we too, have changed and grown immensely through this experience and have a much deeper relationship with our son because of Red Mountain.

Mental health issues are complex and hard for someone who doesn’t suffer from them to fully understand. While our instincts were to hold our son close and protect him, we quickly learned the benefits of letting him go to a program like Red Mountain to develop the skills he needed to become an independent and high-functioning adult. We are so thankful that we were able to address our son’s needs quickly and honestly, allowing him to head off what could have been a long-term spiral from which he might not have recovered. For that reason, we would urge other parents not to wait before seeking help.