We Are So Thankful to Have Found Red Mountain

Our son has struggled with drug addiction and behavioral issues for years. He’s been in multiple outpatient programs, a standard residential program and a wilderness program. As he was preparing to leave wilderness for the second time, we looked for aftercare. Our Educational Consultant spoke so highly of Josh White that we decided to consider Red Mountain. We interviewed multiple programs and after talking with Josh, we knew Red Mountain was at the top of our list. We wanted our son to have buy-in and forwarded several options to him. After he spoke with Josh, Red Mountain was also his choice.

We are thankful to have found Red Mountain. Josh and his team were willing to work with our son’s individual needs while still teaching life skills and maintaining boundaries – all things he needed. The Red Mountain team was flexible and creative and helped us work through our son’s issues. The team’s passion and commitment contributed to our son’s success.

Tenacity, tough love, and consistent, caring boundaries, have worked. A year later, our son has graduated from Red Mountain, but maintains contact with Josh, and probably will for a long time. He has chosen to stay in the Sedona area, is working and going to school, and is in the healthiest place he’s been in years.

One of the best things about our experience is that our son has gone from being at times passive-aggressive and distant with us, to being courteous and engaging. We look forward to our talks, and he actually reaches out to us when he’s having a hard time, which is an important new development. We are most grateful to Josh and Red Mountain for giving us our son back.