To Say This Place Helped Me Get My Life Together is an Understatement

I arrived at Red Mountain fresh out of a wilderness therapy program. I felt good at that time, but I think I had a bit of a “wilderness high” which is something that gets a lot of people in trouble because you think you can do things right after wilderness that you can’t really do. I know I could not have gone straight back to society and needed a stepping stone back into real life, and that’s what Red Mountain was for me. I found Red Mountain to be extremely helpful.

I learned to recognize and control my emotions, especially my frustrations, and I learned how to help others work through their stuff as well. I was able to realize a lot of the potential I have, while also challenging myself in ways I didn’t think I could be challenged. Today I am enrolled in college studying construction management while working full time in a fine dining restaurant. I’m far happier than I was when I got to Red Mountain. To say this place helped me get my life together is an understatement.

– Student