They Really Listened to Him

One of the reasons we chose Red Mountain was that it offered both structure and freedom. Twelve-step was offered, but not required, and there were many options to choose from. He found the program to be challenging, but they really listened to him and respected him. They were also flexible and advocated for him.
He got a lot out of yoga and martial arts and he liked living in his own place, where he had some privacy.

Sedona is a good environment because it is somewhat removed, but not as much as, say, a wilderness program. You can relapse, but it is not easy, because there are not too many opportunities there. The program includes supervision but not too much control, and he did not rebel against it. He also got involved in community activities, which was very healthy for him.

As a parent, I felt he was where he needed to be and I had good communication with the RMS staff. I liked the fact that he had to earn his freedom as he moved from level to level, and I also appreciated that students had to have a plan before they graduate.

My son is doing well now; he is studying for the LSAT and thinking about going to Law School. I’m proud of him and grateful to Red Mountain.

– Parent