They Honored How I Showed Up in the World

When it came time for me to choose an aftercare program, I wanted to stay in the West and I also wanted to be where the cost of living was reasonable—two factors strongly in favor of Red Mountain. Then I talked with Josh for two hours about the program and that sealed the deal.

Many different aspects of the program worked well for me. I enjoyed being in a community of likeminded people and I felt guided in a positive direction. I was pretty diligent with meditation, which allowed me the space to just sit with my “stuff” and work on it. 

The most important contribution RMS made for me was this: I was respected there, not marginalized in any way. They honored how I showed up in the world and the way I was approaching life. Basically, I was treated like an adult.

Having graduated, I’ve been staying close to RMS for now and I enjoy participating in the alumni program. I’m also working part-time and taking classes and I have a patience and calm about how my life is going to unfold from here. I have faith that things will work out, which is new for me.

My intent is to have a feeling for what works in life and to be responsible to myself and my community. My goal is to continue returning to RMS over the weekends and to just keep showing up in a positive way.

My advice to anyone considering Red Mountain is to ask themselves if they are willing to engage in life and appreciate the value of what they have. Are they willing to explore who they could become? They will have ups and downs, but there is a lot to gain by sticking with the program. Those who do best at RMS are simply those who keep showing up and taking advantage of what is there. Be sure to bring your curiosity to the experience and avoid complacency.

It is really helpful to get in touch with your dreams of who you might become. Seeing yourself in a new light leads to hope and optimism, which provides you with a special kind of freedom.