There’s a Positive Vibe about the Place!

Our child was very successful, with all A’s in high school, until her senior year, when she was overwhelmed by anxiety. The problem persisted when she went to college, and things only improved when she got into a wilderness program.

That worked well, but we were told she needed an aftercare opportunity after wilderness and Red Mountain was the right choice for her. RMS had a continuity of approach and it was a seamless transition.

It turned out to be a great experience for her, she has done well, and is now in the alumni program.

Red Mountain has the right amount of structure for transitioning back to normal life, with the right amount of support from the staff. The location in Sedona is also a huge benefit because it is a beautiful, healing environment. Our daughter loved the many outdoor activities RMS offered.

Josh and Maureen are people who have their hearts in the right place. This work is their calling and they care deeply about the students. Their spirit permeates the entire culture. They are on top of everything that is going on and if something goes in the wrong direction, they know about it and fix it.

They also have a “deep bench” of therapists

Our experience with RMS as parents was excellent. We trusted the program from the beginning and had a good feeling about it. The communication was great and the RMS team was available to us. Josh was there and helped us out with a unique medical situation.

We still have weekly contact with her therapist.

Families who are deciding on a program should simply focus on what will be the best fit for their child. Our daughter was engaged and worked hard at Red Mountain, so the situation in turn worked for her.

There is one thing you can say about RMS that isn’t true of every program: there’s a positive vibe about the place and it gives you a happy feeling!