The Greatest Respect

I have known Josh White for over 15 years as a colleague and a meditation student. During this time, Josh has always had the highest ethics and aspiration to help others to learn and grow beyond their self-limiting patterns. I have been struck by his passion for integrating therapy with mindfulness techniques, and the gift he has for helping young adults to recover through the blending of these modalities.

Josh has been giving instruction in meditation for several years now, and I trust him implicitly to teach the foundations of mindfulness to anyone who seeks to understand themselves better, find peace of mind, and change habitual patterns and self-destructive behaviors. The fact that he is an excellent clinician and a seasoned administrator only deepens my faith in his ability to communicate these concepts to students in early recovery.

I have the greatest respect for his clinical skills, his judgment, and his empathy for his students. He is especially suited to work with young adults and has had abundant experience in this field. He is a natural leader and I would trust him to be thorough and creative in any endeavor he undertakes. His leadership of Red Mountain leads me to believe this program is breaking new ground in the young adult treatment field, and that the Red Mountain team will help countless young people to find their way.

Sydney Musai Walter, Roshi

Author, “Off the Path: The Zen of Mountains and Deserts”

Retired Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Senior Meditation Teacher