I Said, “I’m Coming Here!”

I had participated in several other programs and nothing was working. When a consultant suggested Red Mountain and some other options, I was very resistant. RMS was the second place I visited and I could just tell this was it, so I said, “I’m coming here!”

Why did this happen? It was just a feeling I had about a place where everyone was so personable and caring. I was impressed because Josh and Maureen sat down with me just to talk. I’m a bit shy, and it was great to have someone simply listen to what I had to say.

Once I got into the program, it was like a family and I felt surrounded by people who really cared.
Yoga helped me a lot. Tera is amazing, and I loved the yoga sessions from the beginning and throughout. It gave me a focus and a place to make improvements. Now that I’m in the alumni program, I still go to yoga when I can.

My therapist Taylor played a huge role in helping me, and Maureen and Josh also made a big difference in my experience at RMS.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m doing things I never thought were possible for me. I’m working at a job I enjoy, I’m moving up in the company, and I have my own apartment. I have more self-confidence than I’ve ever had. I would definitely recommend Red Mountain to anyone who really wants to change and work on themselves. I would advise them to be open-minded and work with the program if they want to be successful.