RMS Was the Perfect Choice

When our daughter was in wilderness therapy, we hired an educational consultant to help us through the process of finding an aftercare program. The consultant gave us three or four options that we narrowed down even further. We left the choice up to her and she chose Red Mountain.

One of the strongest features of the program is that students have to earn their privileges. You start out without cell phones, cars, or computers and gradually earn those back. Eventually, you can go to work and have the freedom to do what you want during the day.

Our daughter had already asked for help and she took advantage of everything Red Mountain had to offer. She said, “I want to get better,” and that made a big difference.

As parents, we also had a good experience with RMS. We had a call with her therapist every week. We were amazed that the staff kept thanking us for our commitment to being involved in her care. They really appreciated that and it makes sense because the entire family has to get better for the process to work.

When we said goodbye to RMS, my daughter implored the students to realize that their parents have given them a phenomenal benefit and they should take advantage of everything Red Mountain was offering them.

For any parents facing this same situation, we would advise them to hire an educational consultant to help them find their way through the selection process. Once you have a list of programs, you have to get on the phone and interview each one. It is also very helpful to talk with other parents who have been through the experience.

RMS was the perfect choice for our daughter and she now wants to go out and help others facing the same challenges.