RMS earned our trust

    “RMS earned our trust…”

    Red Mountain Sedona (RMS) was recommended to our family by our son’s previous treatment program, which was a wilderness experience.      

    When he first arrived, he showed some resistance to the RMS system, but they handled it very well and that built up our confidence in their approach. He got through that original difficulty and things improved dramatically for him after that. His therapist was a big part of the success that we as a family had with RMS: our son had a good connection with him and at the same time he helped us to see our son’s point of view.

    Talking with his therapist was very important overall to the parenting experience while our son was at RMS; we felt listened to and our concerns were taken into account.      

    Another key aspect of Red Mountain is that it truly is a community, and the friends he made there became really important to him. We were glad he was being supported by the “RMS family” at a time when his relationship with his real family was strained.

        RMS earned our trust in those first few weeks when our son was resisting the program; we’re glad he stayed with it until he graduated.