Red Mountain Was Tougher… And Better

When I completed wilderness therapy, I had two choices for my next step, and one of them was Red Mountain. After having a phone conversation with both of them, I decided on RMS. One reason was that when I talked with Josh and a student there, they were very direct with me. Later, they sent a Red Mountain employee all the way from Sedona to Oregon to meet with me, and that demonstrated the dedication Josh and his team have for their mission.

I also knew that RMS would be tougher, but I also thought it would be better for me. I needed the structure and accountability that Red Mountain provides. It was challenging mentally and physically and I needed that.

Once I arrived at RMS, I found yoga to be really helpful. I had been sick when I left the wilderness program and the gentle movement of yoga was helpful in getting better.
Josh set it up for me to have a roommate from my home state and that eased my transition into the program. He helped me grow, and so did everyone there.

I gained a lot of insights about myself in the seven months I was at RMS. I found that I had a tendency to avoid difficult situations, but also I re-learned how strong I can be. I had been very ill at the age of 16, but I took my time to build back my strength, and I remembered that lesson when I was sick at Sedona.

Would I recommend RMS to someone else? Yes, but only if they are invested in getting better or at least willing to try. You have to push yourself to be successful, but it’s worth it.