Red Mountain Is An Excellent Choice

As a person in recovery and the owner of a behavioral health clinic, I intimately know how critical it is to have reputable referral sources for students and their families to ensure they receive the necessary care for their recovery from mental health issues and compulsive behaviors. Since there are a wide variety of beliefs as to the causes of such issues and behaviors and numerous pathways for treatment, it is imperative to have solutions that will attract those in need to commit to a course of treatment.

You need to know someone can find help in different levels of care, have confidence a program can treat co-occurring disorders, and have confidence the program is an appropriate fit for each client’s personality and goals.

I have known Josh and Maureen White for years, and have had the pleasure of working with them and their team at Red Mountain Sedona.

Josh and I were co-workers prior to his starting Red Mountain and I got to see him in action firsthand. Our families also got to know one another during this time. Josh is a mindful, dedicated professional, as is Maureen. Together, they have created an excellent extended-care program for young men and women which is unique in many ways.

Their program includes the important elements of cutting-edge counseling mixed with life skills, meditation, nutrition education, and other beneficial experiences such as adventure therapy, yoga and martial arts.

Red Mountain is located in the gorgeous red rocks setting of Sedona, AZ. It is my experience that Red Mountain’s students find the surrounding area peaceful and relaxing. Plus, they have often complimented Josh and Maureen’s highly professional staff at Red Mountain.

I can personally attest that Josh and Maureen are who they purport themselves to be: Caring, loving, competent individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

If you or your loved one is seeking an extended-care program that blends evidenced-based therapies with Eastern philosophies in a unique way that will help a young adult to “launch,” in a beautiful and peaceful setting, Red Mountain is an excellent choice.

Doug Dolan, COO

Recovery in the Pines