Red Mountain Guided Our Daughter…

Our daughter was graduating from a wilderness program in the spring of 2018. With their guidance, and the direction of a consultant, Red Mountain Sedona (RMS) seemed a good fit for her immediate intake in an after care program. We were drawn to the continuation of concepts similar to the approach used in the wilderness setting, the collaboration between the two programs, and the structure of RMS in terms of the medical supervision, therapy, guided living, yoga, and meditation. The location of Sedona lent itself to an even more ideal setting for her next step.

We were very pleased once our daughter was settled, and felt she was being very well looked after. The promises by staff were upheld, she was safe, she was well led therapeutically, and from the start at intake we felt comforted that she was there.

One of the most helpful aspects for her was being led into maintaining a routine that included all of the patterns they were guiding her to maintain in life, from daily meditation and yoga to regular group and individual therapy, attending AA or something similar, to routine self-medication attention, maintaining a clean living space, and having a job.

As parents, we personally found that just knowing the skill level of the staff at RMS brought relief and knowledge that our child was safe and being guided in her daily life. RMS was very organized, very knowledgeable and experienced, and they were very committed to parental contact and family guidance.

For other families, we can only say that RMS is wonderful, and not just because there is nothing better out there. RMS is wonderful because of the level of product they provide, which is otherwise not available. Red Mountain has guided our daughter from a place of being a non-functional single to being a 20-year-old who is managing a clothing store, driving a car, and dating a nice young man. She is sober, healthy, happy, and most importantly—​alive.