Josh and His Team Truly Saved My Life

When I came to Red Mountain, I had nothing to lose. When I first got here, I knew I had a long road ahead. I was going into the unknown and I feared it. Little did I know the beautiful life that was waiting for me.

I’m convinced that I would have been dead if I’d kept going the way I was going. People overuse the words, “You saved my life,” but Josh and his team truly did. It was so dark, the place I was in. It’s sad to look back and see how I gave up all hope and felt things would be easier if I didn’t exist. It was so bad in my head, but now I am in a place where I can strive for greatness and actually want to meet my full potential.

Red Mountain holds a “leash” on students that keeps them from going down the wrong road, but the leash is long enough and gives so much choice that it doesn’t even feel like a program. I have control issues and I did not feel controlled, which is good, because that would not have worked for me. I felt I had freedom and had the chance to walk around and hike in Sedona and gain insights I could bring to therapy.

Over the course of my time at Red Mountain, I left a lot of things behind that were not serving me. It was great to have freedom but also support. Someone was always there if I needed them. Jill, Taylor, and the residential staff all went above and beyond for me. Dr. Cooperman let me talk and valued what I said, and he felt like a true ally.

I have never in my life had complete strangers be ready, willing, and able to be fully there for me. It moves me and I will not even realize how much I miss this staff until months from now. They embraced me in a very warm circle that allowed me to feel trust and find my true self. I was ready to change and Red Mountain helped me make the changes I needed to make and stick with them.

Josh is a man of his word. He made me many promises and kept all of them. If you’re wondering if you can trust a program or a place to help you get where you need to be, I can tell you that Red Mountain is that place. Josh is a man of passion and his love for what he does infects his whole team and creates a place where the students trust the staff. He never clocks out and never takes a day off. He is very selfless and his caring for others is so admirable. I appreciate his heart and I really look up to him.

For the first time in a long time, I now feel I have something to lose. I have a life that is worth protecting. I will keep on this track and reach out when I need help. Now that I’m graduating, in a way I’m going into the unknown again – except this time, I feel truly ready for what’s to come.

All I can say is thank you.