“It’s Up to Him Now”

Our son had just finished wilderness therapy, and when it came to aftercare, we had done a lot of research on programs that included meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. In the end, we gave him two choices, and he went with Red Mountain Sedona (RMS).

What really helped him the most was “tough love” and being held accountable for his actions. He wanted to leave shortly after arriving there, but Josh and his therapist were instrumental in convincing him to stay.
He gained a lot of insight from his time there, and the therapy was a key to that happening.
He was not able to come home for Christmas because he was under review, and that was part of the tough love. Red Mountain is supportive, but strict.

As parents, we have been “rescuers,” but his therapist said, “Trust the process; don’t rescue him.” We found that to be really good advice.
As parents, we were happy with how Red Mountain handled everything, and the communication with us was great. When he ran into problems early on, the staff dealt with it very effectively.

As a result of his Red Mountain experience, our son has been able to tackle his issues on his own and he looks to us for support rather than being rescued. He has also gained a tremendous amount of insight and feels that therapy at Red Mountain was instrumental in that. He tells us that he’s grateful we sent him to RMS. He is now working full-time and is back in school. He knows that it’s up to him now to determine how his life turns out!

– Parent