It Resonated With Her

Our daughter’s journey began three years ago and she has been in treatment ever since. After she completed an outdoor program, the continuing care coordinator gave her a number of recommendations and she chose Red Mountain because it resonated with her. Everything she read about it and what she saw on the website seemed to offer what she needed at that time.

When she got there, she immediately knew it was the right choice. She liked the fact that she was able to live independently, but in a strong community of support. And everyone at RMS is treated as a unique individual, which worked very well for her.

As parents, we appreciated the ongoing communication from the staff. We had weekly calls with her therapist, where we were able to share our concerns and insights. We were very satisfied with the level of communication and the knowledge that RMS was holding our daughter accountable for her choices, which we considered to be essential. We felt that Josh and Maureen were personally committed to our daughter’s recovery and often had one-on-one conversations with her when needed.

As parents of a struggling young adult, we relied heavily on the professionalism and reputation of Red Mountain to assure us that this was the right treatment for our daughter. There are so many options available and we are thankful for the direction she chose. The opportunities to visit Red Mountain throughout her treatment gave us a chance to see her surroundings and experience how she spent her days. We were even able to go to an AA meeting with her.

It’s such a joy to see our daughter flourishing now and using the tools she received from Red Mountain. She is living on her own and working and she seems to have newfound freedom from the grips of addiction. Smiles and joy come freely. We would encourage others to trust the professionals and their system at Red Mountain.
What you will get out of it is priceless.