I’m Just Amazed at the Transformation

    “I’m Just Amazed at the Transformation”

    In searching for an aftercare program, we looked at the website and talked with Stacey, and we liked Red Mountain. We gave our son a choice between RMS and one other institution. He chose Red Mountain and we were happy about that because we thought it was an appealing place for many different reasons.

    At the beginning, things didn’t go smoothly for him because he just didn’t want to be there. It wasn’t so much that he had an issue with Red Mountain as it was that he just did not want to be in a place like that any longer. His feeling was, “I’m done.” 

    We worked with Red Mountain and were steadfast that he needed to continue the program. We acknowledged the challenges, but said we thought RMS was right for him. In the end, he simply could have left, but he didn’t. 

    Once he got through that period, there was an incredible shift. Once he decided to stay, he became a model student and worked the program. He still had ups and downs, but he stayed with it.

    For me as a parent, staying up to date was challenging. We got information from his therapist on a weekly basis, but our son was not very communicative. We did get to see him toward the latter half of the time he was there. It would have been helpful to have seen him sooner, but COVID prevented it. 

    My advice to other families is to talk to the Red Mountain team and read about RMS before making a final decision. Then, regardless of any doubts or second thoughts, they should trust the staff, trust themselves, and trust their child. We went through a positive experience overall and he graduated. I’m just amazed at the transformation in how he thinks about life and what an inspiring outlook on life he has now.