I Felt Proactive at Red Mountain

Red Mountain appealed to me because it seemed to have enough structure, yet it also appeared to let students be independent. When I arrived, I found that my assumption about RMS was correct. I always felt supported, but I was able to have some freedom as well. I liked the fact that I had a lot of say in my program, which enabled me to be more proactive. I clicked really well with my therapist, which was critical, and it made a big difference to me that Josh and Maureen are so involved with Red Mountain.
Beyond therapy, one of my pleasant surprises was meditation. I didn’t expect to like it, but I grew to really appreciate it, and I am still meditating now that I’ve graduated. The outdoors aspect of the RMS experience is also part of the healing process and Sedona is a unique setting in that regard.

Today, I am finishing college, where I’m studying psychology. RMS gave me the opportunity to not only get back on track but also to discover things I never knew about myself. My interest in psychology has grown because of my own experiences and I would like to have a career helping others who face life challenges.

For families considering RMS, I would recommend that they consider the issue I did, which is the balance of structure and freedom. In my opinion, Red Mountain offers a happy medium, but each family should evaluate it for themselves.