“He Surprised Everyone with his Progress”

My son’s wilderness program had focused on mindfulness, yoga, and other subjects that helped make it a seamless transition to Red Mountain. It was important to him, as well, that the program was co-ed and he felt it was more like what real life would be in the future. His wilderness program also sends a lot of students to Red Mountain, and he knew he would have friends there.

Once he arrived, the emphasis on mindfulness and meditation were very important to him. His relationship with the mentors—alumni who return [to work at] the program—also made a huge difference. He made an excellent connection with his therapist, and the RMS psychiatrist also did an excellent job of managing his [psychiatric] needs. Maureen established a great relationship with him, too.

My experience as a parent was very good. RMS stepped up communications during COVID, which was extremely helpful. Overall, I felt that my son was safe at Red Mountain, and I don’t mean that in relation to COVID alone. I was only able to visit once because of the lockdown, but I took one workshop online that provided excellent tools for helping him to progress.

Now that he has graduated, he is working in Sedona and attends the alumni program every day, which has helped him immensely in making the transition from being a student to being a graduate. He has bought a car, is living in an apartment, and attends community college part-time.

I would definitely recommend Red Mountain to families considering it for aftercare.  The size is great—large enough to be a community, small enough that everyone gets individual attention. It has spiritual components and is in a setting of incredible natural beauty. The location itself is therapeutic. There is a spirit of kindness there and a feeling of family.

RMS has a strong clinical side, but it is not a lockdown situation. Students move through phases, gaining more responsibility as they go. My son surprised everyone with his progress, as Red Mountain allowed him to access his considerable gifts!