He Loves Them and They Love Him!

When our son was completing wilderness training, we worked with an educational consultant on next steps; Red Mountain was on a list of recommended places that we received.

Our son had a lot of input on where he would go. He liked the focus on mindfulness and he loves Arizona because he draws strength and energy from natural settings. These factors helped him to choose RMS.

Once he was there, we liked the way that RMS encourages the students to get involved with the local community. Our son had always had a job, and working means a lot to him. He found the meditation and yoga helpful and he really liked his therapist and case worker. As parents, we had to accept that he wasn’t in a tight container, but had to get used to his freedom. We found the communication process with RMS to be helpful and talked to his therapist weekly. We visited him a few times and he came home for his brother’s graduation.

He is in the alumni program now and soon will start community college.

He was offered a position at Red Mountain, which was encouraging. He loves them and they love him!

For families considering RMS, we think it’s a phenomenal place. We appreciated the strength of the team, the focus on mindfulness, and the community involvement. And the serenity of the location can’t be beat!