He Had an Instant Connection

Our son chose Red Mountain Sedona because he had an instant connection when Josh talked with him on the phone. The educational consultant had given us three options and RMS was the third one we contacted. The call with Josh was key to the decision.

In considering what stood out once he was there, we would point to the phasing in of independence and autonomy that is part of the program.  In addition, the Red Mountain team is flexible when it comes to issues like changing rooms, jobs, or counselors. Our son especially enjoyed meditation and yoga and he benefited quite a bit from the nutritional counseling.

Our experience as parents was also positive. At Red Mountain, we were able to communicate directly with him, which was comforting; we could also communicate easily with his therapist, who was very accessible.

Our son was successful because he really bought into the program and because he was highly motivated to get better. Now that he is a graduate, he has tools that help him to deal with his issues, so he communicates better today, he is back in college, and he is participating in athletics. We are very happy with the Red Mountain experience.