He Benefited from the Structure

We chose Red Mountain on the recommendation of my son’s therapist, who thought the emphasis on mindfulness, yoga, and martial arts would be beneficial to him.

It turned out that the therapist was right and these aspects of the program were very helpful. My son had explored various religions in the past and found the meditation component of Red Mountain to be appealing. He had also done kickboxing for 10 years, so he picked up on the martial arts right away.
He didn’t see it at the time, but he also benefited from the structure of the program and realized after he graduated that it had served apurpose for him.

As a parent, I felt my son got what we expected from the program. We found the staff to be great and very responsive—Maureen in particular was invaluable, as was Tara, the yoga teacher.

Now that he has graduated, my son still has challenges ahead, but I know that he is going to do great things.