Everything We Could Have Hoped For

We had a list of places from an education consultant and after we talked with Stacey at Red Mountain, we said, “This is the place.” Stacey really listened and allayed all my fears.

After our son talked with Josh, he said, “I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

It was an amazing experience, and everything we could have hoped for. I like to be in control, so it was hard to let go and leave it to the Red Mountain team. We visited RMS after a month, and were totally on board.

Our son is really sold on meditation. Initially, he wanted medication, but moved away from that as he worked the program. He really connected with Maureen, who had a huge influence on him. She has a gentle and genuine spirit and makes you feel validated and accepted. He really loves Josh as well.
Bodhi also stood out. He had been our son’s therapist in the past and he is awesome.

Our son described the experience very well at his graduation. He said to the Red Mountain team, “I was drowning and you didn’t just throw me a life preserver. You jumped into the water with me and put me back in the boat.”