Daily Life

Daily Schedule

We provide many activities designed to build community, help students acclimate to the RMS program, and introduce and reinforce key mindfulness principles. The schedule that follows is for the initial “Orientation” phase of the program. As you move through the program, you will “swap out” some of these activities for school, work, internships, independent study, etc.

In the morning students use this time to make breakfast, get ready for the day, exercise and attend 12-steps meetings if they choose.

At RMS we meditate each morning as a community prior to going over announcements and the daily schedule.

Students work collaboratively with their individual therapist to determine which groups they will attend each week.

 Lunch break provides an opportunity for students to return to their apartment, prepare their meal and take a rest or they can choose to eat together and socialize.

Students have the opportunity to try out a variety of activities before working with their therapist to determine which ones they continue participating in.

In the evenings students learn to balance daily responsibilities with recreational pursuits and self-care activities.

RMS students learn proper sleep hygiene to encourage a healthy waking and sleeping schedule.


Climbing Gym
Arts and Culture events
Mountain biking
Regional Attractions
Sporting events
Dinners out

The weekend schedule varies slightly with 9am wake up and 11pm lights out. Weekends generally include a lot of fun activities such as day adventure trips, movies, dining out, etc.