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Every weekday morning after group meditation, our students break into small groups for daily accountability and check-in. Clients identify the emotions they’re feeling, share gratitude, comment on what they noticed during the meditation, and then set their intentions for the day.

We adhere to this format because it teaches habits of noticing one’s mood and state of mind. This, in turn, allows for greater clarity and better choices throughout the day.

This format also helps our students learn to focus on what’s going well, and what’s in their control, rather than habitually and reflexively focusing on what’s “wrong” and outside of their purview.

Such habits are building blocks in leading an honest and responsible life. Daily check-in provides an opportunity to address issues before they blossom into huge problems, at the same time ensuring that our students don’t attempt to avoid problems that need resolution.

Additionally, cultivating “an attitude of gratitude” pays big dividends. Intention is closely related to gratitude, and our morning check-ins provide an opportunity to cultivate both qualities.

The power of intention is considerable, as it brings people out of “victim mode,” or a feeling of being dis-empowered, and helps them see how much power and control they actually have over how they spend their energy each day. Over time, they will also see how energy charged with intention will bring positive life changes.

This is essential because it’s impossible to learn from the past if you don’t set intentions and take responsibility for your actions. Moving out of the pattern of “playing the victim” is a necessary step in doing this.

Studies have shown that living in truth—being honest with yourself and others, regardless of the circumstances—reduces anxiety and promotes mental and emotional well-being. Taking responsibility for our words and actions is key to the healing process, and allows us the freedom to be respected and earn back trust that we may have lost along the way.

At RMS, we believe in the value of transparency between students and staff, and if an issue arises, we place significant trust in those who have been honest about their behavior. The daily check-in provides students with a method for following through on their intentions and telling the truth about themselves.

The daily check-in is a simple process in and of itself, but it represents one more way in which RMS goes above and beyond traditional programs in the quest to help people lead healthy, happy lives.